According to the BLS, today, only 40% of teenagers in the country work in the summer. The world for teenagers is an oyster! Choices abound! Financial independence and responsibility characterize the life of a teen.

Working – whether full-time or part-time – not only spices up your CV, you also get pocket money. It is the ideal way to prepare for adulthood.

Here’s our choice of the best occupations for teenagers:

  1. Caddying
  2. Music reviewing
  3. YouTuber
  4. Car detailing
  5. Babysitting
  6. Article/book writing



Are you into the links? If yes, then you should consider caddying. It is amongst the highest-earning occupations for youths. This job entails the handling of daily operations in a golf course. You work under a manager or any other senior staff.

Junior caddies can begin their career at 14 years. At this age, they only carry a single bag as they learn the trade. As one develops the skill and grows late into teenage life, he or she can make $100 – $120. This rate is for carrying two bags in an 18-hole golf course. An entire ”loop” takes roughly 4 hours.

When it comes to this job, experienced teenagers can make a lot of money through tips. When you do an excellent job, it is possible to double or even triple your pay. Getting training from the PCA will increase your prospects.

Some of your roles include:

  • Handling golf cart fleet
  • Carrying bags and golf clubs
  • Rentals
  • Cleaning
  • Greeting guests

Earnings: Up to $30 per hour

Getting Started: Learn how to get started and be a successful golf caddy here.


  • Excellent pay
  • Great networks
  • Working for a few hours


  • The gender card (some club members prefer a certain gender to work for them)

Music Reviewer

Music Reviewer

Music reviewing is quickly becoming a darling job for many teenagers. You make money by listening to and reviewing music. All you need to do is offer informative, quality and unbiased review of the music you have heard. Your work is to test music before it gets published and shared around the globe.

Countless platforms providing these job opportunities for teenagers exist. They give you a music clip to listen for several minutes and then pen a review. Once you have presented your review, it will be dispatched to a producer. He or she then assesses your review and makes offers feedback. The more useful reviews you provide the more money you make. Therefore, your goal should not be to write reviews just for the sake of it but to help readers through your reviews.

Slice the Pie is a great platform to visit if you are into music and wouldn’t mind getting a few bucks doing what you love. In addition to music, the site allows you to review stuff like commercials and fashion accessories. Once your earnings have $10, you can withdraw through PayPal.

Earnings: 10 cents for each review

Getting Started: This article has all the information you need on how to become a successful music reviewer.


  • Great for music enthusiasts
  • Flexible schedule
  • Easy to do


  • Low pay


Teenager works as youtuber

Do people ever get tired of watching videos? I bet not! Started in 2005, YouTube is among the most visited platform on the internet today. It boasts over 1.9 billion visitors monthly. If you are into videos and sharing your stories, then you can tap into the massive following, launch a channel and earn from creating videos and uploading them. Do you know that the highest earner on YouTube is an 8-year-old?

If you create popular content that attracts views and advertisements, you can make money. Starting and attracting views to your channel can seem daunting. However, when things pick, there is no limit to the amount of money you can earn.

Some of the popular content on YouTube touch on video games, fashion, and travel. Nonetheless, you should not feel limited to only these three areas. For instance, you can start a channel on pranks. Do you like pranking your friends, classmates or family members? This is a profitable field that you can tap into. Are you into books? Why not start a book channel? If you start one, you can host discussions that deliberate on new book releases and stuff like that.

Earnings: $0.018 for every view

Getting Started: To get started, all you need is good lighting, a laptop, and a webcam. This video shares all the insights you need to learn regarding making money through a YouTube channel.


  • Follow your passion
  • No minimum age
  • Physical office is unnecessary
  • No pressure


  • Takes time to break even

Car Detailing

Lovely teenager with sponge over the car for washing

When you choose this job, you can work in a mechanic’s shop, car dealership or car wash. Generally, this occupation entails ensuring that every detail of a vehicle is not only shining but also in mint condition. You evaluate different types of automobiles to understand which kind of maintenance or cleaning they require.

The service ranges from scrubbing to fixing a vehicle’s engine. Due to the love car owners have for their rides, you must ensure that your work is top-notch. Because having the necessary skills in crucial to succeed in this job, it is prudent to take ample time to learn everything you can about car detailing.

A good highlight of this job is the fact that it is futuristic. This means that if you become a pro at it, you have the opportunity to start your own company in the future.

Earnings: $50 – $125

Getting Started: If you do not have the experience, practice using your car or your parent’s. You can also do your neighbor’s for free, provided they agree to spread the word. Take before and after photos. Take advantage of social media to spread the word of your service. Take your time and pass through this article.


  • Great work ethic
  • Can act as a source of exercises
  • Flexible timetable


  • Variable pay

Baby Sitting

Teen nanny

Being a nanny or babysitter is a great option in the summer for teens. Many families, especially those with two working parents are in constant look for nannies or babysitters. Having experience and enrolling for safety class conducted by the Red Cross will help you land clients even before you know it. You also get the opportunity to enjoy better pay.

One of the best attributes of this job is because of its relatively low commitment. Often, in most families, the work is easy and attracts good pay. Some of the skills you will need to be a successful baby sitter include play, adventure, and creativity. It pays to be an entertainer. Families and parents are into baby sitters who play and have fun with their kids while at the same time assisting them to do their chores and/or reinforcing rules.

To appeal to parents, taking a CPR class is necessary. If your goal is to babysit infants, an infant CPR class is mandatory. This will go miles in spicing up your credentials and appeal.

Earnings: Up to $20 per hour

Getting Started: Visit Create a teenager account. Find clients within your area.


  • Create your schedule
  • Negligible requirements
  • Kids are fun


  • Some kids are stubborn and frustrating

Book/Article Writer

BookArticle Writer Teenager

Great writing is writing! There is no shortcut to it. If you are good at English and consider yourself to be creative, then you need to become an article/book writer. When it comes to writing books, compelling plots and believable characters are mandatory. When you start, your writing might suck. Nonetheless, as you grow and learn the trade, you will learn how to capture the attention of your readers.

Regarding article writing, this is another lucrative job for teenagers. You can do it during your free time or full-time. Many companies and individuals today are looking for talented article writers to pen content for their blogs or websites. The good thing about article writing is that it is highly flexible. You can set your working schedule. While it might sound easy, writers must be very disciplined in terms of meeting client deadlines and following instructions.

Earnings: If your English is impeccable, you can earn $50/1000 words. Consistency and discipline in terms of the deadline are mandatory.

Getting Started: Check out these six awesome platforms for teenage writers. These resources are also handy. Upwork and Fiverr are excellent platforms for article writers top showcase their talent. Check it out, create a profile and start wowing clients with your impressive skills right away.


  • Enjoyable and passionate work
  • Highly flexible
  • Great pay


  • Energy and time-intensive when starting out

Other Ideal Jobs for Teens


So what is the work of a busser? It entails cleaning tables when clients are through taking their meals. The job also involves taking dirty dishes to the appropriate place, cleaning floors as well as other surfaces. As a busser, you are also tasked with refilling pepper and salt shakers, water glasses and cleaning of floors.

The good thing about this job is the fact that it does not need much skill. You only need to ensure everything in your work station is clean and as it ought to be. You report to the restaurant proprietor or floor manager. The kitchen staff, chefs and cooks all depend on you in one way or another.

Kennel worker

The main job of a kennel worker or assistant is to offer daily care to pets. Your job involves among other things assisting pets with baths, walking dogs and cleaning cages. You can also assist veterinarian to hold pets in place during procedures. As a kennel worker, you interact with pet owners almost daily.

In most instances, you work in equine vets. The jobs might be scarce to those with minimal experience. If you are into pets, this is the best option to consider. Are you interested in this job? Click here for some kennel assistant jobs.

Data entry

Data entry entails a lot of things. Data entry clerks input symbolic, alphabetic or numeric data into a database software or spreadsheet. It is the best job for a teen who is super-fast and accurate on their keyboard. Due to the high demand for the job, the pay is often low.

The drawback of this job is that you can spend countless hours repeating the same tasks. This can turn out to be a mundane job especially for teenagers that get bored easily. If you lose focus and interest fast or tend to be fidgety, then you should avoid taking up a data entry job.


Today’s green sustainability and retailing trends are getting rid of plastic bags. While this is the case, the grocery bagger career path is still viable, especially for teenagers. While the job might seem minimal to some people, it plays a huge role in not only improving but also strengthening client loyalty and satisfaction.

Are you looking for a great job for teens that guarantees work round the year? Then you should try being a bagger at a retail, supermarket or grocery store. Other possibilities of working in a store include baking, cash register or supervising self-service. The main drawback of this job is the fact that it is monotonous and boring.

Selling Online and Shopping

Selling and shopping is another way a teenager can earn money. The rule of thumb is to take quality photos of what you are selling. Additionally, ensure the product is in excellent condition. This article from The Guardian paints a clear picture of how teenagers are making money through these two strategies. If you consider yourself to be a young entrepreneur, then you need to consider doing this as a way of making money whether you are in school or the summer. The best attribute about this job is that you can work all year long.

Some of the platforms you can utilize to make money through selling online and shopping include:

Online Surveys

Paid online surveys are common methods of earning online, not only for teens but for anyone with access to the internet. Survey Junkie is one of the platforms that you can sign up and start earning money after completing a survey. Once you share details such as your shopping habits, interests, and hobbies, the platform matches you with companies.

Swagbucks is another legit platform that pays users for jobs such as taking surveys, playing games and watching videos. Just imagine getting paid to watch videos and play games? So cool right? You earn by completing online tasks that are very simple. The points are then converted into cash which you can withdraw via PayPal.


This job comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is ideal for teenagers who are strong swimmers. To be a qualified lifeguard, you must undergo training. Training is done by completing a course through the American Lifeguard Association or the Red Cross. The training course teaches you how to handle emergencies calmly. The course will also prepare you for other careers such as paramedics. Lifeguard jobs pay quite well. On average, you can rake in an hourly wage of $11.74. For qualified teenagers, this is the best way to earn money during summer. You could work by a lake, ocean, or in a pool.


On average, a barista earns $9.79 an hour. This is not just a job but an art. It comes with added advantages such as interacting with regular friendly customers. The skills you learn in this job are beneficial in other related fields. Starbucks, which is the major barista employer takes on teenagers as young as 16. In Montana, the employment of teens can begin as early as 14years. Being a barista requires you to be an early riser. This is because most people prefer having their coffee immediately they wake up.

Video Game Tester

This is another popular job among teenagers. Most teenagers are excited about the notion of playing video games and getting paid. Sadly, many fraudulent websites claiming to offer this job have popped up. Because of the many scam platforms, it is prudent to check the job ads with a parent or guardian. The tasks in the job can be quite repetitive. In a day, you can play the same game, again and again. This would have to happen regardless of whether you like the game or not.

Where to Get Jobs (Top Industries that Employ Teenagers)

In the market today, many companies are willing to hire teenagers either to work part-time or full-time. Minimum age and wage might vary by job position or location. The following are some of the popular companies that hire teenagers and the industry they operate in:

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