We’ve all been there, trying to skip the class for one reason or the other. Some of us actually had serious reasons for skipping class, others simply weren’t prepared or had some other, more fun place to be. Regardless of the reason, it is always important to have a valid excuse for skipping class. No one wants their attendance track to suffer, or the teacher to notice and have you do more work as a punishment.

For that reason, we’ve decided to help you out with the best possible excuses you can use to get out of the class. Of course, we still believe that the best way to get out a class is, to tell the truth, but if the truth is too much to handle, feel free to use one of the following excuses. Good luck!

Catching flu or cold

Catching flu or cold

Sure, this might be the most common excuse to get out of the class, but it is clearly very effective. If you’re already in the class, you can always tell the teacher/professor that you’re not feeling well, or that you’re already sick. No professor will want you around the students, as you can spread the germs and bacteria among them. You will be sent home, and the teacher won’t know you’re actually completely fine. Of course, you shouldn’t use this excuse too often, as the teacher will start suspecting you’re lying.

Fender bender

If you’re at the age when you’re allowed to have a driver’s license and to drive, then fender bender might be your way out. By saying that you got into a car accident on your way to the class, your professor will surely feel for what has happened and let you off the hook. Now, this is a questionable excuse for many reasons; first, your car is perfectly fine, so you need to get out of the school as soon as possible; second, it is morally wrong, as you’re manipulating the professor’s feelings. If you feel fine with this, then that is your ticket out of the class.

Someone in the family died

Now, this is also a questionable excuse, but we’ve seen students use it for really exceptional situations. Saying that, for example, your grandma died, can be a really effective way to skip a class. If you don’t want to be too morbid, you can say that, for example, your pet died and that you’re incredibly sad about that. Either way, make sure to use this excuse once; as people or animals can’t die twice. So, use it when the circumstances are extreme and this can be a really sensitive topic to some people.

Working an extra shift

Most students work part-time to earn extra bucks. Truth is, a job and classes can be really hard to juggle. So, next time you want to skip class make sure to bring that ‘extra shift’ up. This will usually garner some sympathy from the teacher/professor. Most of the professors have been through the same, working during school to earn extra money. They will understand you and you’ll be off the hook quickly.

Medical appointment

Having a medical appointment is a perfectly good reason to skip class. Health is always a priority, and every teacher/professor is aware of that. Usually, many colleges and schools offer free health care, so you will have to emphasize that you’re having a specialist appointment. This can also be a sensitive topic and your professor may be genuinely worried about your health. So, you better have a story to tell and prepare it in advance. Not to mention that this is completely morally wrong, but you will do what you have to do.

Getting caught for speeding

Now, this one is unusual, but it might be the best excuse ever. The trick of a good excuse is the fact that the majority of people would never admit such a thing, like, getting caught for speeding. This excuse is especially good as no one can really know that you got a speeding ticket (unless you need to show the ticket, in which case, take a picture of your previous speeding ticket and send it through). In case you don’t actually have a license, you can always say that the police got your license. Sure, this sounds like too much lying, but it is also very believable.

Getting an allergy

This might be a really good excuse for you; just say that you have an allergy, for example, peanut allergy and that you accidentally ate something that contained peanuts. Explain that you will soon break into hives and that you need to leave to get some medical help. No teacher will stop you from doing that; as a matter of fact, they will offer help and might want to take you to the doctor themselves. If you’re worried about the doctor’s note, you shouldn’t. You simply won’t need it.

Excuses you might not want to use

  • You shouldn’t ever use oversleeping as an excuse you skipped the class (especially when you missed an exam, for example). No teacher/professor will believe that story.
  • You should also never say that you’re hungover. The professor won’t take you seriously and will blame you for drinking too much in the first place when you knew you had to go to class.
  • This one is obvious, but you should never say that your pet ate the paper, or that your laptop broke down. Even if these things really happened, the professor will have a hard time believing them.

You should also never say that you were studying for another class. This will be completely disrespectful to the professor, as you are basically telling them that some other class is more important than theirs.

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