When it comes to online high schools, there are just as many different types as there are traditional high schools. From private to public, there are thousands of options. Some parents want their children to attend a faith-based school, but find that the pace of brick and mortar schools doesn’t work for them. That’s where private, online Christian high schools can help.

If you’re looking for online Christian high schools, save yourself some time and check out our list of the best online Christian high schools. These schools all provide quality, Bible-based courses with certified teachers at a reasonable price. Some have multiple levels of classes, including honors, Advanced Placement, and career exploration courses.

All of the schools listed here have accreditation, most through  Advance-ED, a non-profit agency that prides itself in helping online schools strengthen their services and remain on top of their students’ educational needs. An accreditation through Advance-Ed means you shouldn’t have any problems transferring credits from the school or graduating with a valid high school diploma.

Sevenstar Academy: World Leader in Online Christian Education

Sevenstar Academy

Sevenstar Academy is named after a significant symbol in the Bible, the number seven, and more specifically is a reference to Revelation 1:16 in which Christ holds seven stars in his right hand, which represent the seven angels of the seven churches. As such, Sevenstar Academy strives to provide a Christ-centered education for students in grades 6-12. They provide a Bible-based Statement of Faith.

Sevenstar Academy is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement and offers AP classes that are approved by the College Board.

Curriculum at this school looks much like that at other high schools. They offer over 100 online courses, including AP classes, which are designed by curriculum partners and internal curriculum developers. However, one big difference is the integration of Biblical principles in almost all courses.

Parents who wish to enroll their children in this school are required to read their academic policies, have their children take an online learner readiness assessment, and schedule an interview with an enrollment specialist. Course tuition varies from $640 to $775 depending on the number of credits.

The Oaks Private School

The Oaks Private School

The Oaks is a private, online, Christian K-12 school registered out of the state of Florida. Like Sevenstar Academy, The Oaks follow a Bible-based Statement of Faith. Unlike Sevenstar Academy, The Oaks offers four different levels of educational programs: Apex, the Honors curriculum; Ignitia, the Christian-based curriculum; Odysseyware, the secular curriculum; and Traditional, the homeschool curriculum. Prices vary at each level.

In addition to the curriculum levels, students can acquire one of three diplomas. The Honors-College Preparatory Diploma requires 28 credits, some of which must be in Advanced Placement or Honors classes, and 1290 on the SAT. The College Preparatory diploma requires credits, 6 of which must be in Honors classes of AP classes, and a minimum 1170 score on the SAT. The Standard diploma requires 24 credits and the student to take the SAT. Finally, the Career diploma requires 18 credits. These options ensure that all students can take classes at The Oaks.

Parents who wish to enroll their children in this school will need to fill on an interest form on the website, speak to an enrollment counselor, and provide some required documents like a birth certificate and proof of immunization records.

Tution ranges from $1,400 to $3,200 depending on which curriculum level is chosen. They also offer installment plans.

Parent and student testimonials on The Oaks’ website rave about the flexibility of the school and how it has helped them achieve their dreams to graduate high school and attend college.

NorthStar Academy – Accredited Online Christian

NorthStar is an online Christian school for students in grades 4-12. Expected student outcomes at this school include developing Christ-like character, becoming biblically literate, and continuing to be a follower of Christ. Like some other schools on this list, NorthStar Academy integrates biblical and moral content into their curriculum.

NorthStar offers both high school and “enriched virtual” online classes. Most regular high school classes have asynchronous classes with self-paced work and flexible due dates. Enriched virtual classes, however, require students to participate in weekly live sessions with other students and provide opportunities for students to contact their teachers through email, instant messaging, and live online meetings. All students have nearly 200 classes to choose from, including AP classes and foreign languages.

The cost of each class varies, with one semester courses at $405 each and year-long courses at  $645 each, plus some additional fees. The school also offers a discount for military families and those with other children already enrolled. Additionally, families can enroll in a payment plan that allows them to take up to nine months to pay.

Benefits of attending Northstar Academy include flexibility in enrollment and coursework. Each course is 18 weeks long, and students can take a week off if they need to as long as they complete all coursework within the designated semester. Although teachers have office hours, students can complete their work at any time, day or night.

Calvary Preparatory Academy – Online Christian School

Calvary Preparatory Academy is an online school offering classes in grades K-12 and summer school options. Students complete assignments online at their own pace and discuss them over live video conferences with their teachers.

This school offers year-round, 24/7 classes in all academic areas, including French, Spanish, and German or Mandarin Chinese through a partnership with Apex Learning Virtual School. Many classes incorporate biblical lessons as well.

Credits earned at the school can be transferred to any other accredited school. They also hold themselves to very high standards and are overseen by a Board of Supervisors. Parents love how students can be enrolled at any time during the year, work at their own pace, and complete their requirements within any 52 week period.

Tuition rates depend on which program you wish to enroll in: Full Time Preparatory Academy at $4,200/year or Full Time Independent Study at $2,900/year, plus the cost of any textbook and various fees.

Western Christian Academy – Christian Home School

Western Christian Academy provides online homeschool curriculum for students in all grades. An individualized, self-paced curriculum helps students master concepts at their own pace. They also weave what they call “The Chirstian Overview ” into their classes as a way of helping students grow both academically and spiritually.

Courses include core classes in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science, as well as Theology and various electives. Teachers are always on call to provide students feedback and guidance.

Students are required to take a placement test in English and Math when enrolling. They’ll be placed in classes at an appropriate ability level, not necessarily in the grade level class they would need to be in if they were in public school. This allows students to build their confidence while acquiring new skills and staying on track for graduation.

In addition, the school offers four tracks of study: Basic, General, College Prep, and Honors. These tracks allow all students to study at, and graduate from, Western Christian Academy.

Parents who wish to enroll their students in this school should fill out an interest form on the website and send in a $150 deposit. They have open enrollment, so you can get started at any time.

Although their website doesn’t seem to show a breakdown of tuition costs, they do make it clear that they offer various payment options.

Alpha Omega Academy – Accredited Christian Online Academy

Alpha Omega Academy is an online Christian academy that, like many other schools on our list, follows a statement of faith and offers an education with a Christian overview.

Curriculum at this school is provided in three levels for grades 3-12, with both online and print-based options. Core classes include academic and honors levels in English, math, social studies, and science, as well as courses on the bible, and electives in everything from English to business.

In 2019, new student tuition was $299/month or $2,392/year when paid in full, for students in grades 9-12 who are taking an average of 6 courses.

Students who wish to enroll their students in Alpha Omega have three options. They can call the 800 number to get a free consultation, submit a form on the website, or arrange for an admissions representative to call them.

As an added benefit of graduating from Alpha Omega, parents and students can choose to participate in an optional graduation ceremony instead of just receiving a diploma in the mail. Some of these ceremonies are held regionally and others are held virtually for families who cannot travel. These ceremonies give graduates the ability to share their accomplishments with their entire families.

According to the National Education Policy Center, enrollment in online schools increased by over 2,000 students between the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years. It’s likely that number will continue to rise as more people embrace virtual education. If you’re looking for an online option that also teaches biblical morals, these schools may be a good place to start.

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