The first day of school is an exciting time for teachers and students alike. As a parent, you may be wondering what is the perfect gift to give your child’s new teacher to make a great first impression and show your appreciation on this special day.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Consider giving the teacher a gift card to buy classroom supplies, a thoughtful note from your child, or their favorite candy or baked goods to enjoy on the busy first day.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide lots of unique and thoughtful gift ideas any teacher is sure to love receiving, along with tips to help you determine the best option for your student’s new educator.

Consider the Teacher’s Preferences

When choosing a first day of school gift for your child’s teacher, it’s important to consider their preferences. After all, you want to give them something that they will truly appreciate and enjoy. One way to gather information about the teacher’s preferences is to ask your child what they know about their teacher.

Children often have insights about their teachers’ likes and dislikes, such as favorite colors or hobbies. This can give you a good starting point in selecting a thoughtful gift.

Ask Your Child What They Know About the Teacher

Children are observant and often pick up on details about their teachers that we might not notice. Ask your child if they have noticed anything specific about their teacher’s interests or hobbies. For example, they might mention that their teacher loves reading or enjoys gardening.

This can help you narrow down your gift choices and select something that aligns with the teacher’s personal preferences. It also shows the teacher that you are thoughtful and have taken the time to get to know them.

Think About the Teacher’s Grade Level and Subject

The grade level and subject that a teacher teaches can also give you clues about their preferences. For example, a teacher who teaches younger children might appreciate a fun and interactive gift, such as a set of educational games or art supplies.

On the other hand, a teacher who teaches older students might prefer a practical gift, such as a new planner or a book related to their subject area. Consider the teacher’s role in the classroom and the materials they use on a daily basis to help guide your gift selection.

Remember, the goal is to show your appreciation and make the teacher feel valued on their first day of school. By considering the teacher’s preferences, you can choose a gift that is thoughtful and tailored to their interests.

Gift Cards for Classroom Supplies

When it comes to choosing the perfect first day of school gift for a teacher, gift cards for classroom supplies are always a great choice. These gift cards allow teachers to purchase the specific items they need for their classrooms, ensuring that they have everything necessary to create a positive and engaging learning environment for their students.

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the major benefits of giving gift cards for classroom supplies is the flexibility and convenience they offer. Teachers can use these gift cards to buy anything from art supplies and books to technology and furniture.

This allows them to tailor their purchases to the specific needs of their students and curriculum. With a gift card in hand, teachers can easily plan and shop for the supplies they require, making their job much more efficient.

Supporting Teachers’ Personal Styles

Every teacher has their own unique teaching style, and gift cards for classroom supplies allow them to enhance their approach. Whether they prefer hands-on activities, visual aids, or technology integration, the gift cards give teachers the freedom to choose the materials that best align with their teaching methods.

This not only improves the learning experience for students but also helps teachers feel supported in their individualized approach.

Reducing Out-of-Pocket Expenses

It is no secret that teachers often spend their own money on classroom supplies. According to a survey conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, 94% of teachers reported spending their own money on school supplies.

By giving gift cards for classroom supplies, you can help alleviate some of the financial burden placed on teachers. This gesture shows appreciation for their hard work and dedication, allowing them to invest in their classrooms without dipping into their personal funds.

Where to Find Gift Cards

There are several places where you can find gift cards for classroom supplies. Many office supply stores, such as Staples and Office Depot, offer gift cards specifically for teachers. Online retailers like Amazon also have a wide selection of gift cards that can be used to purchase classroom supplies.

Additionally, some educational websites and organizations, such as Teachers Pay Teachers, provide gift card options for educators.

So, if you want to give a thoughtful and practical gift to a teacher on their first day of school, consider giving them a gift card for classroom supplies. It’s a gesture that not only supports their work but also empowers them to create an amazing learning environment for their students.

Personalized Gifts

When it comes to first day of school gifts for teachers, personalized items are always a hit. Not only do they show appreciation, but they also demonstrate that you took the time to choose something meaningful. Personalized gifts add a special touch and make the teacher feel valued.

Here are some great ideas for personalized gifts that will make the first day of school even more memorable:

Custom Mug or Water Bottle

A custom mug or water bottle is a practical and thoughtful gift that any teacher will appreciate. You can have the teacher’s name or initials engraved or printed on the mug or water bottle to make it truly unique. Every time the teacher takes a sip, they will be reminded of your thoughtful gesture.

It’s a great way to start the school year off on a positive note!

Personalized Stationery or Notepads

Teachers are always in need of stationery and notepads, so why not give them something personalized? You can have the teacher’s name or a motivational quote printed on the stationery or notepads. This will not only make their day-to-day tasks more enjoyable, but it will also add a personal touch to their classroom.

Plus, it’s a practical gift that they will definitely put to good use!

Engraved Gift Like a Pen or Pencil

A personalized pen or pencil is a classic gift that never goes out of style. You can have the teacher’s name or a special message engraved on the pen or pencil to make it extra special. This gift not only looks elegant, but it also serves a practical purpose.

Teachers are always in need of writing instruments, and having a personalized one will make them feel appreciated every time they use it.

Remember, the key to a great personalized gift is to choose something that is both practical and meaningful. By personalizing the gift, you are showing the teacher that you value their hard work and dedication.

So, whether it’s a custom mug, personalized stationery, or an engraved pen, these gifts are sure to make the first day of school extra special!

Treats and Snacks

When it comes to first day of school gifts for teachers, treats and snacks are always a crowd-pleaser. Not only do they provide a delicious way to show appreciation, but they also give teachers a little boost of energy to get through the day.

There are several options to consider when choosing treats and snacks as a gift.

Candy or Baked Goods

One popular option is to gift teachers with their favorite candy or baked goods. Everyone has a sweet tooth, and a small bag of their favorite candy or a box of homemade cookies can bring a smile to any teacher’s face.

It’s a simple yet thoughtful gesture that shows you’ve put some effort into selecting a personalized gift. Consider asking other parents or students for suggestions on the teacher’s favorite treats to ensure you get it just right.

Gift Basket with Assorted Goodies

If you want to go all out and create a truly memorable gift, consider putting together a gift basket filled with assorted goodies. This can include a variety of treats such as chocolates, nuts, popcorn, and even some healthy snacks like dried fruit or granola bars.

The key is to create a well-rounded selection that caters to different tastes and preferences. You can either purchase a pre-made gift basket or get creative and make your own. Don’t forget to include a handwritten note expressing your gratitude and well wishes for the upcoming school year.

When choosing treats and snacks as a first day of school gift, it’s important to consider any dietary restrictions or allergies the teacher may have. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and opt for a non-food related gift instead.

Remember, the goal is to show appreciation and make the teacher feel valued, so whatever gift you choose, make sure it comes from the heart.

Useful Items for the Classroom

Hand Sanitizer and Tissues

As we all know, classrooms can be breeding grounds for germs. That’s why a teacher can never have enough hand sanitizer and tissues. These two items are essential for maintaining a clean and healthy learning environment.

Hand sanitizer helps to kill germs and prevent the spread of illnesses, while tissues are necessary for wiping away sniffles and sneezes. By gifting your child’s teacher with hand sanitizer and tissues, you’ll be helping to keep both the teacher and the students healthy throughout the school year.

Organizational Tools Like Sticky Notes

Teachers have a lot on their plate, from lesson planning to grading papers. To help them stay organized, consider gifting them with useful tools like sticky notes. Sticky notes are a versatile and practical tool that can be used for jotting down reminders, marking important pages in textbooks, or leaving messages for students.

They can be easily stuck onto desks, walls, or books, making them a convenient organizational aid. By providing your child’s teacher with sticky notes, you’ll be helping them stay on top of their busy schedule and manage their classroom more efficiently.

Reusable Water Bottle for Their Desk

Teaching can be a demanding job, and it’s important for teachers to stay hydrated throughout the day. A reusable water bottle is a thoughtful gift that can help your child’s teacher stay refreshed and energized.

With a water bottle conveniently placed on their desk, teachers can easily access hydration whenever they need it. Plus, using a reusable water bottle is an eco-friendly choice that reduces waste from disposable plastic bottles.

By gifting your child’s teacher with a reusable water bottle, you’ll be showing them that you care about their well-being and the environment.


The first day of school sets the tone for the whole year, so starting things off right with a thoughtful gift for the teacher is a great idea. Use the gift giving tips and unique ideas in this guide to find the perfect option to make your child’s educator feel special and appreciated.

A small gesture on the first day can go a long way in building a positive relationship between your family, the teacher, and your student’s new school.

With a little planning and creativity, you can find a gift that matches the teacher’s personality and needs for the classroom. Don’t stress about it, just have fun brainstorming gift ideas and enjoy watching your child get excited to present it to their new teacher!

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