20 Best Summer Programs In Madison, WI

1. Madison Area Technical College

Madison Area Technical College is a public technical and community college based in Madison, Wisconsin. It serves students in parts of 12 counties in south-central Wisconsin: Adams, Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Green, Iowa, Jefferson, Juneau, Marquette, Richland, Rock, and Sauk.Wikipedia
  • Rating:  (4.1 )
  • Address:  1701 Wright St, Madison, WI 53704
  • Phone:  (608) 246-6100
  • Founded:  1912
  • Total enrollment:  17,463 (2010)
  • Undergraduate tuition and fees:  In-state tuition 4,600 USD, Out-of-state tuition 6,769 USD (2020 – 21) IPEDS
  • Mascot:  Wolfie
  • President:  Bettsey L. Barhorst
  • Colors:  White, Blue
  • Areas served:  Portage
  • Profiles:  LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube
  • Hours: 
    Monday 7AM–10PM
    Tuesday 7AM–10PM
    Wednesday 7AM–10PM
    Thursday 7AM–10PM
    Friday 7AM–10PM
    Saturday 7AM–3PM
    Sunday 7AM–3PM

From Madison Area Technical College

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2. Aldo Leopold Nature Center

Aldo Leopold Nature Center is an independent, non-profit nature center located in Monona, Wisconsin.Wikipedia
  • Rating:  (4.8 )
  • Address:  330 Femrite Dr, Monona, WI 53716
  • Phone:  (608) 221-0404
  • Founded:  1994
  • Profiles:  Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn
  • Hours: 
    Wednesday 9AM–4PM
    Thursday 9AM–4PM
    Friday (Veterans Day) 9AM–4PM Hours might differ
    Saturday 10AM–2PM
    Sunday 10AM–2PM
    Monday 9AM–4PM
    Tuesday 9AM–4PM

From Aldo Leopold Nature Center

"Aldo Leopold Nature Center (ALNC) is an environmental education center in south central Wisconsin."

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3. Henry Vilas Zoo

Henry Vilas Zoo is a 28-acre public zoo in Madison, Wisconsin, United States, that is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Owned by Dane County, the zoo charges no admission or parking fees. It receives over 750,000 visitors annually.Wikipedia
  • Rating:  (4.7 )
  • Located in:  Vilas (Henry) Park
  • Address:  702 S Randall Ave, Madison, WI 53715
  • Phone:  (608) 266-4732
  • Profiles:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
  • Hours: 
    Thursday 9:30AM–5PM
    Friday (Veterans Day) 9:30AM–5PM Hours might differ
    Saturday 9:30AM–5PM
    Sunday 9:30AM–5PM
    Monday 9:30AM–5PM
    Tuesday 9:30AM–5PM
    Wednesday 9:30AM–5PM

From Henry Vilas Zoo

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4. Camp Gray Inc

Camp Gray is a Catholic summer camp and retreat center located in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. It is a ministry of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin, and is accredited by the American Camp Association.Wikipedia

From Camp Gray Inc

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5. Madison Children's Museum

The Madison Children's Museum is a museum for children in Madison, Wisconsin, that contains exhibits on the arts, sciences, history, culture, health, and civic engagement.Wikipedia

From Madison Children's Museum

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6. University Of Wisconsin–madison Arboretum

The University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum is a teaching and research facility of the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the site of historic research in ecological restoration.Wikipedia
  • Rating:  (4.9 )
  • Address:  1207 Seminole Hwy, Madison, WI 53711
  • Phone:  (608) 263-7888
  • Profiles:  Facebook
  • Hours: 
    Wednesday 9:30AM–4PM
    Thursday 9:30AM–4PM
    Friday (Veterans Day) 9:30AM–4PM Hours might differ
    Saturday 12:30–4PM
    Sunday 12:30–4PM
    Monday 9:30AM–4PM
    Tuesday 9:30AM–4PM
    Wednesday 4AM–10PM
    Thursday 4AM–10PM
    Friday (Veterans Day) 4AM–10PM Hours might differ
    Saturday 4AM–10PM
    Sunday 4AM–10PM
    Monday 4AM–10PM
    Tuesday 4AM–10PM
    Wednesday 9:30AM–4PM
    Thursday 9:30AM–4PM
    Friday (Veterans Day) 9:30AM–4PM Hours might differ
    Saturday 12:30–4PM
    Sunday 12:30–4PM
    Monday 9:30AM–4PM
    Tuesday 9:30AM–4PM

From University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum

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7. Edgewood College

Edgewood College is a private Dominican college in Madison, Wisconsin. The college occupies a 55 acres campus overlooking the shores of Lake Wingra.Wikipedia
  • Rating:  (3.9 )
  • Address:  1000 Edgewood College Dr, Madison, WI 53711
  • Phone:  (800) 444-4861
  • Total enrollment:  2,650 (2011)
  • Undergraduate tuition and fees:  32,600 USD (2020 – 21) IPEDS
  • Mascot:  Eddy the Eagle
  • President:  Andrew P. Manion
  • Colors:  Black, White, Red
  • Acceptance rate:  91.2% (2020) IPEDS
  • Profiles:  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
  • Hours: 
    Thursday 7AM–12AM
    Friday 7AM–12AM
    Saturday 7AM–12AM
    Sunday 7AM–12AM
    Monday 7AM–12AM
    Tuesday 7AM–12AM
    Wednesday 7AM–12AM

From Edgewood College

Review Summary

Beautiful campus in the heart of Madison. Small class sizes and great student community.Nathan Pelc
I Love the College. I'm Going to graduate this upcoming2015. 🙂Marco Bravo

8. Wisconsin Veterans Museum

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum, located on Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin, United States, is dedicated to telling the stories of the veterans of the state of Wisconsin.Wikipedia

From Wisconsin Veterans Museum

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9. Uw-Madison College Of Engineering

The University of Wisconsin–Madison College of Engineering, often referred to as COE, is the engineering school of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The college comprises 13 academic departments.
The school dates back to 1857 when the first department of engineering was created by the university Board of Regents.Wikipedia

From UW-Madison College of Engineering

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Great place for studying, but some areas in the building are old. Also, the badger market is very limited.KHALID ALSINAN
Premiere engineering building. Very confusing finding your way throughout the buildingLuke VandenLangenberg

10. Orthdx Natural Fitness

  • Rating:  (5.0 )
  • Located in:  Northside Town Center
  • Address:  2903 N Sherman Ave, Madison, WI 53704
  • Phone:  (608) 709-1314
  • Appointments:  mindbodyonline.com
  • Profiles:  Facebook | Instagram
  • Hours: 
    Wednesday 6AM–8:30PM
    Thursday 6AM–12:30AM
    Friday (Veterans Day) 6AM–8:30PM Hours might differ
    Saturday 9AM–4PM
    Sunday Closed
    Monday 6AM–8:30PM
    Tuesday 6AM–8:30PM

From ORTHDX Natural Fitness

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11. Infinity Martial Arts Middleton

  • Rating:  (5.0 )
  • Address:  8233 Forsythia St # 101, Middleton, WI 53562
  • Phone:  (608) 831-3332
  • Areas served:  Cross Plains
  • Appointments:  infinityma.com
  • Hours: 
    Wednesday 12–8PM
    Thursday 12–8PM
    Friday (Veterans Day) Closed
    Saturday 9AM–1PM
    Sunday Closed
    Monday 12–8PM
    Tuesday 12–8PM

From Infinity Martial Arts Middleton

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12. Hike And Heal Wellness, Llc

  • Rating:  (5.0 )
  • Address:  934 Meadowlark Dr, Madison, WI 53714
  • Phone:  (920) 371-1289
  • Areas served:  Eagle River
  • Appointments:  hikeandheal.com
  • Profiles:  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
  • Hours: 
    Wednesday Open 24 hours
    Thursday Open 24 hours
    Friday (Veterans Day) Open 24 hours Hours might differ
    Saturday Open 24 hours
    Sunday Open 24 hours
    Monday Open 24 hours
    Tuesday Open 24 hours

From Hike and Heal Wellness, LLC

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13. Mathnasium Madison West

  • Rating:  (4.5 )
  • Located in:  Exact Science
  • Address:  701 N High Point Rd, Madison, WI 53717
  • Phone:  (608) 472-4100
  • Areas served:  Five Points
  • Appointments:  apptoto.com
  • Profiles:  Facebook
  • Hours: 
    Thursday 3:30–8PM
    Friday (Veterans Day) Closed
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday 12:30–4:30PM
    Monday 3:30–8PM
    Tuesday 3:30–8PM
    Wednesday 3:30–8PM

From Mathnasium Madison West

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14. Bright Horizons At The American Center

  • Rating:  (4.9 )
  • Address:  5119 American Family Dr, Madison, WI 53718
  • Phone:  (608) 825-6009
  • Areas served:  Pierceville
  • Appointments:  brighthorizons.com
  • Profiles:  Facebook
  • Hours: 
    Wednesday 7AM–5:30PM
    Thursday 7AM–5:30PM
    Friday (Veterans Day) 7AM–5:30PM Hours might differ
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
    Monday 7AM–5:30PM
    Tuesday 7AM–5:30PM

From Bright Horizons at the American Center

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15. Madison Public Library – Sequoya

  • Rating:  (4.8 )
  • Located in:  Midvale Plaza Shopping Center
  • Address:  4340 Tokay Blvd, Madison, WI 53711
  • Phone:  (608) 266-6385
  • Areas served:  Madison
  • Profiles:  Facebook
  • Hours: 
    Wednesday 9AM–9PM
    Thursday 9AM–9PM
    Friday (Veterans Day) 9AM–9PM Hours might differ
    Saturday 9AM–5PM
    Sunday Closed
    Monday 9AM–9PM
    Tuesday 9AM–9PM

From Madison Public Library – Sequoya

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16. School Of Education

The University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Education is a school within the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Although teacher education was offered at the university's founding in 1848, the School was officially started in 1930 and today is composed of 10 academic departments.Wikipedia
  • Rating:  (5.0 )
  • Located in:  University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Address:  1000 Bascom Mall, Madison, WI 53706
  • Phone:  (608) 262-1651
  • Founded:  1930
  • Areas served:  United States
  • Hours: 
    Wednesday 7:45AM–4:30PM
    Thursday 7:45AM–4:30PM
    Friday (Veterans Day) 7:45AM–4:30PM Hours might differ
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
    Monday 7:45AM–4:30PM
    Tuesday 7:45AM–4:30PM

From School of Education

"Ten academic departments, in Arts, Education, and Health."

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17. Pat's Gym

  • Rating:  (5.0 )
  • Located in:  Main Street Industries
  • Address:  931 E Main St, Madison, WI 53703
  • Phone:  (608) 692-6355
  • Profiles:  Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
  • Hours: 
    Wednesday 6AM–8PM
    Thursday 6AM–8PM
    Friday (Veterans Day) 6AM–8PM Hours might differ
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
    Monday 6AM–8PM
    Tuesday 6AM–8PM

From Pat's Gym

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18. Morgridge Institute For Research

The Morgridge Institute for Research is a private, nonprofit biomedical research institute in Madison, Wis., affiliated with the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The institute works to improve human health by conducting, enabling and translating interdisciplinary biomedical research.Wikipedia
  • Rating:  (5.0 )
  • Located in:  University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Address:  330 N Orchard St, Madison, WI 53715
  • Phone:  (608) 316-4100
  • Parent organization:  University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Profiles:  Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook
  • Hours: 
    Wednesday 8AM–5PM
    Thursday 8AM–5PM
    Friday (Veterans Day) 8AM–5PM Hours might differ
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
    Monday 8AM–5PM
    Tuesday 8AM–5PM

From Morgridge Institute for Research

Review Summary

Fantastic place for research!Bret Pearson
Excellent facility.Daniel Page

19. Vibe. The Place To Dance.

From Vibe. The Place to Dance.

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20. Martingilio Martial Arts

  • Rating:  (5.0 )
  • Address:  6514 Odana Rd, Madison, WI 53719
  • Phone:  (608) 827-7750
  • Areas served:  Dane County
  • Profiles:  Facebook
  • Hours: 
    Wednesday 3–8:30PM
    Thursday 3–8:30PM
    Friday (Veterans Day) Closed Holiday hours
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
    Monday 3–8:30PM
    Tuesday 3–8:30PM

From Martingilio Martial Arts

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