Are you considering applying to Parsons School of Design? With a storied history and reputation for fostering innovative artists and designers, Parsons is one of the top art and design schools in the U.S.

Located in the heart of New York City’s Greenwich Village, Parsons offers a vibrant, urban campus and access to a wealth of cultural and professional resources. But is Parsons the right fit for you? In this comprehensive review, we’ll provide an in-depth look at Parsons’ academics, student life, campus, alumni network, and more to help you decide if Parsons is the art/design school for you.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Known for its rigorous yet nurturing approach, Parsons School of Design offers world-class art and design education with ample resources and opportunities thanks to its New York City location and strong industry connections.

However, Parsons is highly competitive to get into and can be expensive.

Academic Programs and Reputation

Overview of Academic Programs

The Parsons School of Design offers a wide range of academic programs that cater to students with diverse interests and aspirations. From fashion design to graphic design, interior design to photography, Parsons provides comprehensive and specialized education in various creative disciplines.

Students at Parsons have the opportunity to explore their artistic passions and develop their skills through hands-on projects, workshops, and collaborations with industry professionals.

Faculty and Academic Rigor

One of the key reasons for the reputation of Parsons School of Design is its exceptional faculty. The school boasts a team of renowned and accomplished professors who bring their expertise and industry experience to the classroom.

These dedicated mentors not only provide guidance and support to students but also challenge them to push their creative boundaries and excel in their chosen fields. The academic rigor at Parsons ensures that students receive a high-quality education that prepares them for the competitive creative industry.

Industry-Connected Curriculum

Parsons School of Design understands the importance of staying up-to-date with industry trends and demands. That’s why its curriculum is designed in collaboration with industry professionals and experts.

The school maintains strong connections with leading companies and organizations in the creative field, allowing students to gain real-world insights and experiences. This industry-connected approach ensures that students at Parsons are equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their careers upon graduation.

Study Abroad and Internship Opportunities

Parsons School of Design offers study abroad programs that give students the chance to immerse themselves in different cultures and expand their global perspectives. Through partnerships with prestigious institutions around the world, students can spend a semester or a year studying in cities like Paris, Shanghai, or Tokyo.

Additionally, Parsons provides internship opportunities that enable students to gain practical experience and build professional networks while still in school. These experiences not only enhance students’ resumes but also contribute to their personal growth and development.

For more information about the academic programs and reputation of Parsons School of Design, visit their official website:

Campus Life

When it comes to campus life, the Parsons School of Design offers a vibrant and enriching experience for its students. From its prime location in Greenwich Village to the diverse range of clubs, events, and activities, students have plenty of opportunities to engage in both academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Location in Greenwich Village

The Parsons School of Design is situated in the heart of Greenwich Village, one of the most vibrant and culturally rich neighborhoods in New York City. With its tree-lined streets, charming brownstones, and eclectic mix of shops and eateries, Greenwich Village provides an inspiring backdrop for students to explore and immerse themselves in the arts scene.

From iconic landmarks like Washington Square Park to the numerous art galleries and theaters in the area, students have easy access to a wealth of creative inspiration.

Clubs, Events, and Activities

Parsons offers a wide range of clubs, events, and activities to cater to the diverse interests of its student body. Whether you’re passionate about fashion, photography, illustration, or graphic design, there are clubs and organizations dedicated to these disciplines and more.

These clubs not only provide a platform for students to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals but also offer opportunities to showcase their work and gain valuable industry exposure.

Throughout the academic year, Parsons also hosts a variety of events and workshops featuring renowned artists, designers, and industry professionals. These events serve as valuable learning experiences and networking opportunities for students, allowing them to gain insights from experts in their respective fields.

Diversity and Inclusion

One of the standout aspects of campus life at Parsons is its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The school embraces students from various backgrounds, cultures, and identities, fostering a supportive and inclusive community.

This diversity not only enriches the learning environment but also encourages students to explore different perspectives and challenge conventional norms.

Parsons actively promotes initiatives and programs that celebrate diversity and inclusivity, such as guest lectures, exhibitions, and cultural exchanges. These initiatives provide a platform for students to engage in meaningful conversations about social issues and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Admissions and Costs

Admissions Selectivity and Requirements

When it comes to admissions, Parsons School of Design has a reputation for being highly selective. The school receives a large number of applications each year, making the admissions process quite competitive.

To be considered for admission, prospective students must submit a comprehensive application that includes their academic transcripts, standardized test scores, and a portfolio showcasing their artistic abilities.

Additionally, letters of recommendation and a personal statement are required to provide insight into the applicant’s passion for design.

The school takes a holistic approach to admissions, considering not only academic achievements but also the applicant’s creativity, potential, and ability to contribute to the Parsons community. It’s important for applicants to demonstrate their unique artistic vision and showcase their skills through their portfolio.

The admissions committee carefully reviews each application, looking for individuals who show exceptional talent and a strong commitment to their craft.

Tuition, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

Attending Parsons School of Design is undoubtedly a significant investment, but the opportunities and resources offered make it well worth it. The current tuition for the 2021-2022 academic year is $52,760 per year for undergraduate programs.

However, it’s important to note that additional costs such as housing, textbooks, and supplies should also be considered when budgeting for your education.

The school understands the financial commitment required and offers various scholarships and financial aid options to help ease the burden. Parsons School of Design has a dedicated Office of Financial Aid that assists students in navigating the financial aid process.

They provide information on grants, loans, work-study opportunities, and scholarships that can help offset the cost of tuition.

It’s important for prospective students to explore all available options and apply for scholarships and financial aid programs that they may be eligible for. The school encourages students to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine their eligibility for federal aid programs.

Additionally, Parsons offers merit-based scholarships and grants based on academic and artistic achievements.

For more information on admissions requirements and financial aid options, interested individuals can visit the Parsons School of Design official website:

Career Outcomes and Alumni Network

When it comes to career outcomes, the Parsons School of Design has a stellar reputation. The school boasts a high job and internship placement rate, with many graduates finding employment in their field shortly after completing their studies.

The strong emphasis on practical experience and industry connections ensures that students are well-prepared for the workforce.

Job and Internship Placement

Parsons School of Design has established strong relationships with top companies and organizations in various industries. This network provides students with a wide range of job and internship opportunities.

Through career fairs, networking events, and alumni connections, students have access to a wealth of resources to help them secure meaningful employment.

According to recent statistics, over 80% of Parsons graduates find employment in their chosen field within six months of graduation. This impressive figure is a testament to the school’s commitment to providing students with the skills and support necessary to excel in their careers.

Furthermore, the school’s career services department offers personalized guidance and support to students throughout their job search process. From resume and portfolio reviews to interview preparation, students have access to valuable resources that increase their chances of landing their dream job.

Notable Alumni

The Parsons School of Design boasts an impressive list of notable alumni who have made significant contributions to the world of art, design, and fashion. These alumni have gone on to achieve great success in their respective fields, serving as an inspiration to current and future students.

One prominent Parsons alumnus is Marc Jacobs, a renowned fashion designer who has built a successful global fashion empire. His innovative designs and unique aesthetic have earned him accolades and recognition in the industry.

Another notable alumna is Donna Karan, the founder of the iconic fashion brand DKNY. Karan’s designs have revolutionized the fashion industry, and she has become a role model for aspiring fashion designers.

These are just a few examples of the talented individuals who have graduated from Parsons School of Design. Their success serves as a testament to the quality of education and support provided by the school.

If you’re considering attending Parsons, you can rest assured that you’ll be joining a strong and supportive alumni network. The connections and opportunities that come with being a part of this network can greatly enhance your career prospects.


With its New York City location, connections to top employers, and commitment to fostering creativity and innovation, Parsons School of Design offers a one-of-a-kind art and design education experience.

However, Parsons’ prestige comes at a cost – it is highly competitive to get into and quite expensive. For the student who gets accepted and can afford the tuition, Parsons can be an amazing launching pad into a dynamic, creative career.

We hope this comprehensive review helps you determine if the Parsons experience is right for you and your goals.

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