If you’re considering applying to Louisiana State University, you probably want to know – is LSU a good school? With its competitive academics, championship-winning athletic programs, vibrant campus culture and more, LSU ranks among the top public universities in the South.

Keep reading for a detailed look at whether LSU might be the right fit for you.

In short: With its strong academic programs, thriving Greek life, exciting SEC sports and lively atmosphere, LSU offers an outstanding college experience for many students. However, it may not be the best choice for every applicant.

Weigh the pros and cons to decide if LSU aligns with your priorities.

Academics at LSU

Variety of Majors and Programs

With over 130 undergraduate degrees and over 120 graduate and professional degrees, LSU offers an incredibly diverse selection of academic programs. Students can choose from traditional liberal arts majors like English, History, and Psychology to more technical fields like Engineering, Computer Science, and Agriculture.

LSU is especially well-known for its outstanding programs in Veterinary Medicine, Education, Mass Communication, and of course, Sports Administration. The university also offers many interdisciplinary majors and minors, allowing students to customize their education across multiple interests.

In addition to standard majors, LSU has several specialized schools and programs. The LSU Honors College provides an enriched educational experience for high-achieving students. The Peterson School of Music offers degrees in performance, music therapy, composition, education, and more.

LSU also has schools of Art & Design, Social Work, Education, and Management, along with a thriving ROTC program. With so many options, students can find the perfect fit for their academic interests and career aspirations.

Student-Faculty Ratio

Despite its large size, LSU maintains an admirable 19:1 student-faculty ratio. This allows for relatively small class sizes and more individualized instruction, even within a major research university. For example, over 70% of LSU classes have fewer than 30 students.

The university has over 1,500 full-time faculty members, and nearly 90% hold terminal degrees in their field. Students can expect to build close mentoring relationships with professors, especially within their major department.

LSU also employs over 2,100 part-time and graduate teaching assistants. These TAs lead discussion sections and labs, grade assignments, and hold regular office hours for undergraduate students. This supplements the full-time faculty and provides additional academic support across LSU’s colleges and schools.

Overall, the student-faculty ratio allows meaningful interactions, tailored instruction, and academic guidance from knowledgeable experts in their disciplines.

Graduation and Retention Rates

LSU has an impressive 83% first year retention rate, meaning the vast majority of freshmen continue on to their sophomore year. The six-year graduation rate is about 66%, which is fairly high for a public university of LSU’s enormous size.

Some standout departments like Business, Mass Communication, and Education see graduation rates over 75%. LSU graduates enjoy positive career outcomes, with average early career salaries of $45,000 for undergrads and $70,000 for master’s grads.

To support student success, LSU offers academic advising, tutoring, and career counseling services. There are also hundreds of student organizations to get involved in, which promotes a sense of belonging. With abundant resources and support, students can thrive during their time at LSU.

The university takes pride in retaining and graduating satisfied students ready to make their mark as LSU alumni.

Campus Life at LSU

Greek Life

One aspect of campus life at LSU that stands out is its vibrant Greek Life community. With a variety of fraternities and sororities to choose from, students have the opportunity to join a close-knit community that offers social, academic, and leadership opportunities.

Greek organizations at LSU often host events, philanthropic activities, and provide support networks for their members. Whether you’re looking to make lifelong friends, develop leadership skills, or give back to the community, Greek Life at LSU offers a unique and fulfilling experience.


LSU prides itself on its diverse student body, which creates a welcoming and inclusive campus environment. Students from various cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds come together to form a vibrant community that celebrates diversity.

LSU offers a range of student organizations and clubs dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion, providing students with opportunities to engage with different cultures, foster understanding, and celebrate the richness of diversity.

This commitment to diversity enhances the overall campus experience and prepares students for success in a global society.

Housing Options

LSU offers a variety of housing options to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of its students. From traditional residence halls to apartment-style living, students have the opportunity to choose a housing option that best suits their lifestyle.

On-campus housing provides a convenient and immersive experience, allowing students to easily access academic resources, engage in campus activities, and build connections with fellow students. Off-campus housing options are also available for those who prefer more independence.

LSU’s Housing and Residential Life office provides support and resources to help students find the housing option that best fits their needs.

Athletics at LSU

When it comes to athletics, LSU has a rich and storied history. The university’s teams have achieved great success in a variety of sports, making LSU one of the top athletic programs in the country.


LSU football is legendary. The Tigers have won multiple national championships and consistently rank among the top teams in the nation. With a passionate fan base and a strong tradition of excellence, LSU football games are always an exciting experience.

The team plays their home games at Tiger Stadium, which is known for its electric atmosphere and is often referred to as “Death Valley” by opposing teams.


LSU basketball has also had its fair share of success. The team has made numerous appearances in the NCAA Tournament and has produced several NBA players. The Pete Maravich Assembly Center serves as the home court for the basketball team and provides a great environment for fans to cheer on the Tigers.


LSU baseball is another sport where the Tigers shine. The team has a strong tradition of success, with multiple College World Series titles to their name. The Alex Box Stadium, Skip Bertman Field provides a fantastic venue for fans to watch some of the best collegiate baseball in the country.

Other Sports

While football, basketball, and baseball may be the most well-known sports at LSU, the university also excels in a variety of other sports. From track and field to gymnastics, LSU consistently fields competitive teams that compete at the highest level.

These sports may not receive as much attention as football or basketball, but they are still an important part of the LSU athletic program.

Cost and Financial Aid at LSU

Tuition and Fees

When considering a college or university, one of the most important factors to consider is the cost of tuition and fees. At LSU, the tuition and fees vary depending on whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student.

For in-state students, the tuition and fees for the 2021-2022 academic year are approximately $11,962 per year. Out-of-state students can expect to pay around $28,639 per year. It’s important to note that these figures are subject to change and may not include additional costs such as textbooks, housing, and meal plans.

Despite the cost, LSU offers several financial aid options to help make education more affordable. This includes federal grants and loans, work-study programs, and scholarships. It is recommended that students explore all available financial aid options and contact the LSU Office of Financial Aid for more information on eligibility and application procedures.

Scholarships and Grants

LSU offers a wide range of scholarships and grants to help students offset the cost of tuition. These scholarships are offered based on various criteria such as academic achievement, leadership qualities, community involvement, and financial need. Some of the scholarships available at LSU include:

  • LSU Flagship Scholars – This scholarship is awarded to incoming freshmen who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and leadership potential. Recipients of this scholarship receive full tuition and a stipend for four years.
  • Tiger Excellence Scholars – This scholarship is awarded to out-of-state students who have outstanding academic records. Recipients of this scholarship receive a reduction in out-of-state tuition.
  • TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students) – This is a state-funded scholarship program available to Louisiana residents who meet certain academic criteria. The program covers a portion of tuition costs for eligible students.
  • Departmental Scholarships – Many academic departments at LSU offer scholarships to students majoring in specific fields. These scholarships are often awarded based on academic performance and potential.

It’s important for students to research and apply for scholarships and grants early in their college search process. Additionally, there are several external scholarship opportunities available that students can explore.

Websites such as Fastweb.com and Scholarships.com provide a comprehensive database of scholarships that students can search and apply for.

Remember, the cost of attending college is an important consideration, but it’s also important to weigh the value of the education and the opportunities available at the institution. LSU offers a quality education and a vibrant campus life, making it a great choice for students seeking an enriching college experience.


In conclusion, LSU offers a well-rounded college experience with strong academics, an engaged campus community and championship-level sports teams. While it may not top the rankings, for many students, LSU represents an excellent value and a supportive environment to earn a degree.

Weigh the information provided to determine if LSU is a good fit based on your own college search criteria and goals.

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