Education is very important for all of us, and for so many reasons. Apart from making you a better person and a better citizen, it gives you a better job, better employer, better earning and of course, better social status. Above all, the skills you learn throughout your education guide you through various ups and downs of life. So, you can say that education is more than just reading and writing; it’s a way of living a healthy and prosperous life that we always look for.

Following are a few other reasons why education is an indispensable part of a good life:

  • Education makes you literate: The first and foremost reason why education is crucial is that it gives you the ability to read and write. These two are the most essential skills that help us understand information and perform simple tasks, such as shopping and traveling. Moreover, many times, written communication may be required to communicate with other people. Education also improves the speech of a person, which lets you interact with other people in society.
  • It teaches you technical skills: In this tech-savvy world, learning certain technical skills has become more of a necessity than need. There is technology all around us, from a simple calculator and home appliances to automobiles and vending machines. Education makes it easier to handle all these complex machines without any problem. For an uneducated person, operating even a coffee machine can be a struggle. So, if you want to live a comfortable and modern life, never underestimate the value of education.
  • It gives you employment: Education helps you earn a livelihood for yourself and your family. It provides right and adequate means to earn bread and butter for your loved ones, which otherwise may be difficult. Uneducated people are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to finding a respected job. As a result, they spend their whole lives in poverty. Any poor man can improve his quality of life just by just improving his level of education, and that’s the truth. Education gives you all the comfort and luxury you desire.
  • It gives you equal opportunities: Education allows you to enjoy equal opportunities in this fast-paced world. No matter what your gender is, if you are educated, you are in demand and you will receive a warm welcome from everyone. Education also eliminates the differences between different social classes. Even if you belong to an economically weaker section, you can still enjoy high-paying jobs by just increasing your level of education. It also promotes women empowerment.
  • It makes you independent: Education gives you the power to live independently. Since an employed person is more financially secure, you can live life on your own feet. You can set standards of your life the way you want, depending on how much you earn and how much you can afford. You need not depend on others, for example on your parents, for enjoying little things in life or fulfilling your wishes. You can improve your lifestyle and build a better future
  • It enables you to express yourself: An educated individual is more confidently able to express his/her views. You can keep your own perspective and share your opinions in a clear and efficient manner. Education gives you the power to engage in discussions and convince others. Thus, educated individuals are more influential than uneducated individuals, who often find it difficult to express their opinions openly. Education gives you the motivation to motivate others as well.
  • It makes you mature: Education helps people become more mature and sophisticated. The organized school environment makes you disciplined and helps you understand the value of time. You grow up from being a child to a smart individual who knows how to deal with challenges and how to help others solve them too. Education also teaches you the lesson of sharing and caring. This level of maturity gives you a respected status in society.
  • It spreads knowledge: Only an educated person is able to spread knowledge in the society. More educated individuals quicker will be the propagation of knowledge, more educated will be the society. And, it goes without saying that educated society contributes towards the nation’s economic development. It also fuels technology and innovations, which contributes to the nation’s overall development. This is the reason why it is always said children are the weapons to build a nation.
  • It offers unique experiences: Education isn’t just about academics or fun. In fact, it gives you the best of both worlds. Both schools and colleges allow you to engage in a wide range of extracurricular activities that help you identify your hidden talents and foster your other skills as well. For example, you may find your interest in sports, drawing, newspaper editing, stage performances, radio broadcasts, community work and more. Many of these skills help you perform well in your chosen profession.
  • It reduces crime rates: Increasing crime rates is one of the biggest problems in today’s world. Since education helps you distinguish between good and bad things, it makes an individual a good and decent citizen. In fact, it has been found that education makes children less vulnerable to committing crimes as they get older. Moreover, education saves you from being exploited. If you are well aware of your rights and duties as a citizen, nobody would be ever able to fool you.

Education matters a lot if you want to have a bright future ahead. This is especially true for economically weaker sections who want to improve the quality of their life. Students drop out for several reasons – some are personal and some are financial – but it’s important to weigh both pros and cons before making any such decision. Do not take any decision that you regret later. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that education is a lucrative investment that always pays. Moreover, the world can’t be a better place without education.